The solution

The ECO-CULTURAL solution offers innovative, modern, physical cultural tools, adapted and adaptable to different populations in order to change behaviors in a sustainable way.
It is interested in local culture and tradition using an ideal community approach so that the solution fits perfectly without imposing.
Thanks to a set of tools, we ensure that ecological gestures are physically and sustainably integrated into joy, good humor and sharing.

Selected among the 15 finalists of the international contest AFRI-PLASTICS CHALLENGE out of 1100 applications!

Here is our solution presented in the form of circular diagram with at the heart of the solution: Behaviour change

The solution is in a circular system because it guarantees the circular economy, it readjusts its tools and awareness according to the evolution of the solution and the capacity of the sorting center and the staff.

For lasting change, the creation of a effective waste management system that frames in parallel, is essential. It is obtained through the cultural tools created and the community actions carried out.

Our cultural and community tools

We create songs and choreographies.

We set up decorated trash cans in the streets and elaborate an effective collection and sorting system.

We use community tools : talks, conferences, home visits, public events.

We organize community events, concerts and games.

We transmit these tools during workshops in the schools and in villages.

We are making a musical video clip, animated videos and humorous videos.

phase 1

Research and development of the solution.

Phase 2

Testing the solution in Cap Skirring, a coastal village in Senegal.

Phase 3

Realization of the project at the scale of a village.

Phase 4

Duplication of the Eco-Cultural Solution.

cherretier à Toubab Dialaw

Our goals

To change BEHAVIORS​

Community awareness, waste sorting.


Practice of ecological gestures, reduction of pollution land and sea, improvement of sanitary conditions.


Hiring of artisans and artists, recruitment of approximately 30 people.


Promotion of culture, development of sports clubs neighborhoods, organization of cultural activities and events.


Fishing, jobs created, tourism through development of the attractiveness of the village.

our partners