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engaged écological Génération in the land of TERANGA​

Culture at the service of the environment for lasting behavior change.

The Eco-CUltural Solution

The ECO-CULTURAL solution offers innovative, modern, physical cultural tools, adapted and adaptable to different populations in order to change behaviors in a sustainable way.
It is interested in local culture and tradition using an ideal community approach so that the solution fits perfectly without imposing.

The TerangaGée Association
Engaged Ecological Generation

Based in Senegal, the country of Teranga, the Terangagée association aims to protect the environment through art, education and Senegalese culture. We offer innovative cultural tools to change behaviors in a sustainable way and we set up efficient, replicable and sustainable waste management systems.

Our Partners

The Sama JARTdin Project

Community, ecological and cultural garden.

Sama Jartdin is a project for the development of public gardens. In Dakar, Terangagée has intervened in the Sicap Foire district to develop a community, ecological and cultural garden with the help of the inhabitants of the district.

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Imagine ART TRASH CANS created to make people aware of throwing waste in it! …

In 2022, “Toubab Dialaw” project becomes the “Ecolo-Cultural Solution”.