news for 2024 :

express yourself!

We invite you to participate in the festival by submitting your artistic creations on the theme of pollution, waste and the environment.

Song, slam, poem, dance, comedy, photo exhibition, video production, painting, fashion show, etc. all means are good to express yourself!

You are a school, a leisure center, a group of inspired and motivated young people..

You are an amateur or professional..


you would like to contribute as ?

Edition 2023 2 & 3 Sept


Upcycling workshops (paper, bags, old clothes, plastic, dishes, etc.): Weaving * Mandala * Mosaic * Sewing * Making jewelry and trinket bowls* Torn paper art

Artistic and natural expression: Natural painting * Drawing * Land Art * Collaborative work *

Recycling: machine to recycle plastic caps into spinning tops and key rings!


Locals : iZiOpack * Patin Couffin Etc * Zéro Déchet Angers * Angers Loire Metropole * Made in Clemence * Upsido * Les fées des Matières * EFPL * L'établi * Armony Evenements * BS Concept * À ma 2ème vie * La chiffonneuse * SEVE-EF * Le Grain de Folie * Atelier Sihelle

Nationals : KOZ * Precious Plastic France * Plastic Palace * M & Mme Recyclage * Utopia *

Internationals : Poti Taratasy Création

round tables

"The plastic train is accelerating, what are we doing to slow it down?”

Hosted by Mr. & Mrs. Recyclage Participants : deputy Philippe BOLO, Jean-Louis DEMOIS ALM vice-president, Precious Plastic France, Utopia and Terangagée

“Our textile waste is piling up, what local solutions to reduce it?”

Hosted by Les Cotons de Luce Participants: Made in Clemence * À ma 2ème vie


Nathalie * Auristelle * Antoine * Génération * Evelyne * Fabrice

Ismael & Sarah : Presentation of the Ecolo-Cultural Solution * Presentation of our awareness song : "Earth is our mother"


A big thank you to our committed volunteers: Malika * Aude * Anne-Claude * Nathalie P * Nathalie R * Marine * Chantal * Christian * Mélodie * Eycho * Manon * Nelly * Nicole * Evelyne * Emma * William * Souleymane * Jean-Claude * Gaby * Anne-Yvonne * Nova * Anne P * Anne L * Amina * Alizé * Aurélie * Bénédicte * Brigitte * Genviève * Vincent * Stéphanie


Awareness workshops * Games * Exhibitions * Conferences * Terangagée stand * Friendly atmosphere

Our eco-responsible commitment: Re-use decoration * Eco-cups * Reusable cups and cutlery * Communication support on reused wood * Bicycle parking * Restricted use of electricity * Sorting bins on site

Great success for this first festival, congratulations to the organizers!!!

They talk about it...

Great festival with top exhibitors and organizers!...
A great festival organized by a great dynamic duo, full of enthusiasm and full of ideas to help preserve the environment. Well done and thank you to them and all the great volunteers!!

the festival objectives:

raise awareness

Raise awareness in Angers about the local and global issues of waste and the pollution generated by this waste,


Encourage change in behavior and habits,

explain the 5 R

To (re)discover the 5 R rule as well as the different low-tech and artisanal techniques for recycling and upcycling waste,


Highlight local players in the collection, sorting and recycling sector (artisans, businesses, associations, artists, etc.),

combine art & environment

Combining ecology and culture by raising awareness through art (singers, dancers, painters, etc.)

created a local network

Find and develop local partnerships, networks and movements,

unveil the Eco-cultural Project

Highlight the Eco-Cultural solution and publicize Senegal's global project,

develop terangagée

Find and retain the financials, partners, members and volunteers necessary for the event and the continuation of the TERANGAGEE adventure.

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