TERANGAGEE France offers several types of workshops and interventions for schools, leisure centers, neighborhood centers, third places or companies that want to organize awareness-raising sessions on the problem of waste in a fun, interactive or artistic way.

Creative workshops, recycling workshops, artistic workshops, interventions in the form of conference-debates, exhibitions, games and broadcast of documentaries, our activities are diverse and varied. Discover their description on this page.

Do not hesitate to contact us for prices, conditions and more information to help you organize this moment and/or to help you anchor the right actions in your structure.

creative workshops

During creative upcycling workshops we transform materials (considered as waste) into art objects or useful everyday objects.

Goals :

  • Create useful and artistic reused objects to sell for the benefit of the association
  • Develop upcycling techniques with non-recyclable materials that we can use everywhere
  • Offer a multi-generational activity that brings people together, motivates and allows them to express their creativity (children, young people, active adults, retirees, etc.)
  • Raise awareness through a fun and creative activity for a meaningful project
  • Spread the word about the association and develop a local network

Examples of workshops:

  • Weaving workshop: weaving old clothes, bags of chips, potato nets, etc. to make a bag, a table runner, etc.

  • Transformation of plastic bags: using an iron, a sewing machine and plastic bags, we create objects such as a pencil case, a bookmark, a shopping bag, a bucket bag, etc.

  • Transformation of cardboard (packaging, pizza boxes) into paper pulp then into objects (dishes, sculpture, beads for jewelry, etc.)

  • Transformation of old tarpaulins (roll-up) and burlap (coffee bags) into reusable bags, banana bags, placemats, pencil cases, etc.

recycling workshops

Recycling workshops can be organized occasionally in the form of awareness stands or over several meetings with the aim of making the mold of a useful/advertising object to represent a school or a company (examples: key ring, telephone holder, token holder, spinning-top, etc.)

Goals :

  • Raise awareness by transforming plastic caps into useful objects yourself
  • Understand the recycling process and promote it
  • Recycle plastic caps collected in Angers
  • Reduce the import of advertising items that could be created locally with recycled plastic
  • Promote team spirit through the development of a common “corporate” project

Examples of workshops:

  • “Crush your plastic caps” with the Low Tech crusher bike

  • “Recycle your caps” with the awareness recycling machine

  • “Draw your personalized mold”: as a group, draw the mold for your promotional item then, once made, recycle the caps and produce!

Artistic workshops

What if environmental protection or the problem of waste became the subject of our artistic expression?

We support the learning of an artistic activity (dance, singing, writing, photography, theater, etc.) while developing a project on the theme of the environment.

Goals :

  • Raise awareness through an activity that pleases and excites young and old alike
  • Develop artistic sense, creativity
  • Using art as a tool to convey important messages
  • Think about the messages to convey and the action that everyone can take
  • Initiate young people to be a speaker

Examples of workshops:

  • Writing: creation of a song, a slam, a poem, a scenario
  • Direction and production: creation of a choreography, a theater scene, a video
  • Photography: creation of an exhibition
  • Introduction to theatrical improvisation
  • Music: creation of instruments with “waste”, musical composition with recycled instruments


We also intervene in the form of a conference followed by an exchange with the participants to approach the theme of waste from a different and original angle with the presentation of the actions of Terangagée in Cap Skirring (Senegal).

The duration of the conference can vary between 45 minutes and 2 hours and can also be accompanied by workshops, exhibitions or the broadcast of an inspiring documentary to make it a morning or a full day of awareness raising for your school or your company.

Goals :

  • Open the debate on the problem of waste from another angle of view by addressing a concrete case in a country which does not yet have the necessary means to manage its waste
  • Draw the parallel and become aware of the system put in place in France, the impact of consumption and the volume of waste generated by this mode
  • Open the mind, invite reflection and action

Our exhibitions

  • The waste route in Angers and Cap Skirring (with and without the Eco-Cultural solution)
  • Photo exhibition of actions in Senegal
  • Kakemonos to raise awareness about plastic and recycling (created by Mr. and Mrs. Recyclage)
  • Recognize the types of plastic


On request and under conditions, we can broadcast these two inspiring documentaries:

  • Dear plastic, a toxic love story by Dorothée ADAM
  • Bigger than us by Flore VASSEUR


We create games about waste sorting and environmental protection for children, young people and adults.

Goals :

  • Learn while having fun
  • Helping to anchor good actions through fun and attractive activities
  • Support the implementation of sorting in your structure (school or company)

Examples of games:

  • Question for a cap / Run for a cap (several levels from 8 years old): to test your knowledge of environmental protection
  • KITRI memo (from 5 years old): to integrate the notion of “product-waste” from an early age and test your knowledge
  • The KITRI mat (from 5 to 12 years old): to learn to sort while playing hopscotch!
  • KITRI cornhole (from 8 years old): to learn to sort with a game of skill and team.
  • The sack race (from 5 years old): learn to throw waste into the correct bin with a physical game of speed!