Created in 2020 in Dakar, the Terangagée association – Engaged Ecological Generation – is based in Senegal, land of Teranga (which means “warm welcome”).

In 2023, Terangagée France is created in Angers.

The TERANGAGÉE and TERANGAGÉE France associations are two distinct entities which share common objectives: the protection of the environment in Senegal, in France and in the world through art, education and culture.

“Culture at the service of the environment for lasting behavioral change.''






Ismael Mané and Sarah Zabout created TERANGAGÉE association in Senegal the 5th of october 2020.


Launch of the “Toubab Dialaw, ecological and cultural village” project in the municipality of Yène, a large-scale initiative that requires significant investment and support from many partners.


Afro-Latin dance festival that takes place over a week in Dakar and neighboring regions. The discovery of Senegalese culture is at the heart of our priorities, as well as preserved places and environmental initiatives. The success of the festival motivates us to propose it as an annual cultural event.

In parallel with our other projects, we have developed a smaller-scale project “Sama Jartdin: my community, ecological and cultural garden”, in the Sicap Foire district in Dakar.

The ”Toubab Dialaw” project becomes the ‘”Ecolo-Cultural Solution”.
The ECOLO CULTURAL solution offers innovative cultural tools, modern, physical, adapted and adaptable to different populations in order to change behaviors in a sustainable way.

In March 2022 we were selected among the 30 semi-finalists of the AFRI-PLASTICS CHALLENGE contest out of 1,100 applications from all over Sub-Saharan Africa. This competition organized by Challenge Works (a social enterprise founded by Nesta, Canada) aims to support and encourage innovative solutions to promote behavior change and reduce marine plastic pollution.

En juin 2022 nous sommes de nouveau sélectionnés et faisons partie des 15 finalistes. Nous obtenons une subvention de 60 000 € pour réaliser notre phase de test au Cap Skirring.

From October 2022 to March 2023 we carried out the testing phase of the Ecolo-Cultural solution in the village of Cap Skirring, in Casamance, in the south of Senegal.

In March 2023, after 6 months of hard work, we are invited to Nairobi, Kenya for the awards ceremony and to meet the 40 finalists from all strands (1,2 and 3). 14 African countries are represented, only 1 present to honor Senegal: TERANGAGEE!

On May 19, 2023, Terangagée France was created in Angers with Marie Thibault as president. Terangagée France aims, among other things, to develop awareness-raising actions on French territory, waste valorisation activities as well as the search for Low Tech solutions for recycling.

Its first three projects are:

  • the organization of the Ecolo-Cultural festival in Angers on September 2 and 3, 2023
  • the organization of workshops and interventions in schools
  • the development of maritime containers into waste valorisation workshops and awareness spaces

The first edition of the festival welcomes under the brilliant sunshine of September 2nd and 3rd our 29 circular economy speakers, our 30 volunteers and hundreds of participants. Le Courrier de l’Ouest talks about it (see the festival page).

The festival becomes an annual event, the next edition of which is scheduled for June 2024.

The next step is the arrangement of the containers at PÉPINA (in Angers – AFPA premises). This project in collaboration with several schools (higher education and training) will allow people from Angers to get physically involved thanks to participatory projects!

Stay tuned to find out the dates and details…. (during February – March)

Our vision

To participate in the collective effort to preserve our planet and reduce marine pollution.

To be leaders and innovators for collective awareness and sustainable behavior change.

To duplicate our solution everywhere by adapting to communities.

To make Senegal an example of an ecological, cultural, conscious and active country for the environment in terms of waste.

enfants qui peignent une poubelle

The TERANGAGÉE team in senegal

ismael prince

Ismael Mane


I am a singer, songwriter, musician and dancer. I took part in Senegal’s national young talent competition in 2010 and was among the 12 finalists (out of more than 2,000 applicants).

In 2013, I created my music production company Empiramide in Dakar after having worked for major sound studios as a beatmaker. I made video clips of my creations and gave several interviews to be found on Youtube (Senegal, Bissau Sabi, Talibé, Interview Seneplus).

Afrohouse and kizomba dancer, I give lessons in Dakar or during my travels.

In parallel with my artistic career, in 2016 I created an association for street children “La voix des enfants” which organizes breakfasts, clothing drives, activity days, etc.

Through the committed writing of my texts on the cause of the talibés, living conditions in Senegal and the environment, I put forward my convictions to share them with the public.

Sarah Pell

Sarah Zabout

Executive Director - Treasurer

I am a project director, singer, dancer, singer and Kizomba teacher.

In 2009, during my graduate studies in Information and Communication Sciences, I discovered my passion for organizing events, my communication skills and my leadership. I then devoted myself to my artistic career and joined the International Academy of Musical Comedy in Paris in 2010. I played, sang and danced in several shows. In 2014, I obtained my singing teacher diploma in the “Voice and Body Singing” method. Then, moving to the Netherlands in 2015, I focused on dance and became a Kizomba and Salsa teacher. In my teaching, I like to highlight the close link between personal development, body movement and freedom of voice. From 2017, I give courses and workshops internationally, this is how I visit Senegal and become attached to this country.

Since 2018, I have been employed at the Zawoo association as a director of cultural projects.
At the same time, I’m interested in protecting the environment and I want to get more involved. It is a great pleasure to be able to combine my vocation, my passions and my know-how




I graduated with a Master 1 in Statistics applied to IT and to the management, monitoring and evaluation of projects.

In 2013 I worked at the Ministry of Education (Planning and Reform Division) before joining the government at the National Agency for Statistics and Demography (ANSD) in 2015.

For three years, I traveled all regions of Senegal as an analyst in many areas including health, education and the environment (national survey on malaria, Ebola, oil and gas, farming, etc.).

Since 2017, I have been running my company Optimal Services, which specializes in statistics, project studies and IT.

In 2019, I accepted an assignment for World Vision as part of the final evaluation of the EU-Child project: a project on violence against children. In addition to my actions, my ambition is to put my skills and my skills at the service of promoting sustainable development in Senegal.

TERANGAGÉE france team

marie thibault

terangagÉe france president

I am program manager at CCAS Angers .

I was trained in the design of ecotourism products as well as in the management and protection of nature. 

In 2009 I went on a mission to the Comoros to implement ecotourism products for the socio-economis development of coastal villages. 

In 2010 and 2011 I continued my scientific volunteering missions in Mayotte for the protection of humpback whales with the Megaptera association.

After around ten years of environmental education in Île de France, I moved to Angers to work as team leader at Terra Botanica, the first plant park in Europe.

Today, alongside my job, I am committed to Terangagée France to change behavior and protect the environment and the oceans. 

jocelyne massot

terangagée france treasurer

I am an accountant by training and now retired.

As treasurer of the Zawoo association, we have been in partnership with Terangagée association since its beginnings in 2020.

When Terangagée France was created, I wanted to concretize my commitment to Terangagée by offering myself the position of treasurer.

malika peudepièce

bénévole engagée

I am a psycho-emotional coach and I particularly support my patients towards fulfilling relationships.

The Terangagée project touched me with its ambition and the boundless energy it requires.

I am committed to Terangagée and to the other volunteers who, like me, see this project as an opportunity to contribute to a great action in France and Senegal for the protection of our environment. If you also want to join the adventure as a volunteer, contact me on 06 98 73 70 18.