An exhibition of art trash cans

An exhibition of art trash cans

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Here we are in Cap Skirring for the implementation of the test phase of the Ecolo-Cultural solution.

Cap Skirring is a tourist village in Casamance (southern Senegal) known for its beautiful beaches and flamboyant nature. However, its reputation is in decline, particularly due to unsanitarity conditions and a lack of waste management. Currently there is no trash can available in the village and the collection service is limited and irregular. The streets are strewn with waste and illegal dumping in neighborhoods is growing. The community is asking for a sustainable solution to make their village clean and attractive.

As part of our Ecolo-Cultural solution, we present to you one of our new cultural tools: an exhibition of dustbins in the village! A tool to convey strong messages on environmental and health issues through art.

Imagine art trash cans created to make people aware of throwing waste in!

In the main streets and in the neighborhoods, trash cans decorated by children or sculpted and invented by local craftsmen:

  • Let the children’s imagination find the words and images that will make the whole community aware that behaviors must change! Their health and their future are important, this new generation is the best messenger to wake up adults!
  • Let’s help local artisans to express their creativity to alarm the community about the dangers we will incur if we do nothing to limit waste pollution! With sculptures and original creations, they will be able to raise awareness and engage the community in taking care of their environment. > a few examples: the bird and a plastic bag in its beak, the fish polluted by micro-plastics, the mother and her pot of waste, etc.

Cap Skirring transformed into an ATTRACTIVE EXHIBITION CENTER

In addition to acting for sustainable behavior change, this initiative gives a new face to Cap Skirring:

  • The village can show its determination to play an important role in environmental development in Senegal.
  • Locals and foreigners can not only enjoy a clean environment but also a beautification and a new tourist attraction. The trash cans are arranged in various places in the village, the locations of which are shown on a map to invite foreigners to discover them while visiting.
  • Local artists are highlighted and Cap Skirring shows a cultural and innovative dynamism.


What if we all contribute to this artistic and environmental showcase?!!

  • Decorated trash cans (painted by children) ………………………….. 45 €
  • Sculpted trash cans (made by a local artist) ………………………… from 100 €
  • Large neighboorhood bin …………………………………………………………………….. from 300 €

Here is the link of the crowdfunding on HELLO ASSO:

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