Ecolo-Cultural Festival: bet won!

Ecolo-Cultural Festival: bet won!

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Under the warm sun of September 2nd and 3rd, 2023, the Ecolo-Cultural Festival organized by Terangagée France in partnership with the Zawoo association took place on the Lac de Maine esplanade in Angers.

This event, organized in record time, brought together 2 elected officials, 26 speakers, 30 volunteers, 12 artists and hundreds of people, all happy to participate in the rallying of numerous actors in the circular economy in the region and elsewhere.

Children, young people or adults, there were activities for all tastes and all ages: weaving workshop, land art, mandalas, jewelry making, plastic caps recycling, drawing, games, discovery of ecological inventions, documentary, conference, round tables, concerts, exhibitions, dance, etc.

Koz and its Mycellium surfboard, iZiOpack and its reusable packaging solution for postal packages, Poty Taratasy and its pretty woven paper bags, Patin-Couffin and its woven rugs, Made in Clemence and its zero waste products, etc. ., the participants coming from the Angevine region, the west of France and even Madagascar ensured a quality, varied and innovative festival praised by all.

The two elected officials: Philippe BOLO, deputy for the 7th district of Maine-et-Loire and Jean-Louis DEMOIS, Mayor of Écuillé, vice-president of ALM and representative of the Mayor of Angers, did us the honor of join the Sunday round table: “The plastic train is accelerating, what are we doing to slow it down?” Accompanied by Precious Plastic France, Utopia, Terangagée and led by the experts Mr. and Mrs Recyclage, they tried to answer this question under the attentive ear of the listeners.

The concert part was an opportunity to present some local artists and to introduce the song “La Terre est ma Mère” by Terangagée with its choreography on the chorus “I take it, I throw it away, you take it, you throw it, we take it, we throw it, where? in the trash!”

Challenge met in style, we are all delighted with the success of this first edition and we are ready to repeat the experience but this time including schools and companies for even more ecolo-cultural activities!

See you in June 2024 and on our internet page for the return in images and more information!

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